Electric Shavers Features


The features of the best electric shavers available on the market today

There are a number of features to consider when choosing an electric shaver. Therefore, in addition to deciding if you prefer a razor on line / roll (foil) or the rotary type (rotary) you also need to think if you want to use it in the shower, if you want a beard trimmer for sensitive skin or perhaps you may need a shaver that also cuts hair. Our tips below should help you decide what type of machine will suit your needs.

What kinds of electric shaver are there?

There are basically two types, defined by the way they cut the beard.

Shavers on line / roll (Foil)

Have straight heads that use swinging blades under a thin perforated sheet to cut hair.

Rotary shavers (Rotary)

This type of electric shaver generally has three circular heads that turn up and then cut the hair of the beard.

Opinions are divided about which type is best. In tests, both have models that stand out in shaving comfort and enough to make recommendations, so we believe it is largely a matter of personal preference.

Feeding types for electric shaver

The way the shaver is powered energy influences a lot on the purchase as well.

Rechargeable shavers

Can be used while connected to the network or wireless. The network option is useful if you forget to charge your shaver before you need to use it.

The wireless shavers

Most other razors including all models "dry and wet" are rechargeable and have to be used wirelessly. This gives you more freedom to move around while shaving, but it means you cannot use them while they are carrying. Electric shavers that can be used wet are always wirelessly to ensure that you cannot turn them on while you're in the shower.

Wired shavers

There are rechargeable and need to be connected to outlet. This type of power is only used nowadays for the basic models, entry levels.

Now that you know the main features also make sure you choose the best brands, otherwise you might just end up with a huge headache. The best brands for electric shavers are Philips, Braun, Norelco, Panasonic and Remington. It is easy to find the best electric shavers for a very accessible price online spending as little as $100 dollars (and often less). Are you ready to have a much better experience when shaving?